Wiring: all types of guitar wiring including changing pickups, pots, socket and preamp replacement, electrification of acoustics, troubleshooting electrical problems (gremlin removal!).

Fret Work: shave, hone and polish.

Nut/Saddle/Bridge: adjustment and/or replacement.

Pickup replacement: I’ve done extensive research into the infinitesimal differences in pickup tones. If you tell me your favourite guitarist, I can help you get that tone.

Rewiring for More Sounds: e.g. 7 sounds for a Strat, coil tapping, out of phase for humbuckers.

‘Building’Guitars: I am not a guitar builder as such, but some people like to collect a variety of parts and have them assembled into a guitar. It feels like they’ve created the perfect guitar to suit their needs. You can put in your combination of parts that you have always wanted in a guitar. Some people prefer to do this rather than modify a factory built guitar.

Pickup Coil Rewinding

Electrification of Acoustics

Many more services are available on request.