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I see people by appointment only, on weekdaysI  make appointments because I'm a solo operator and often in and out during the day. 

Please email me with your enquiry or to make an appointment:


My guitar repair workshop is conveniently located in Glebe, Sydney, not far from the Broadway shopping centre, Sydney Uni and Central Station.

I’ve been repairing for 45 years this year and I’m still loving it!  My aim is to provide Tone and Quality to my customers (hence my email address).

Over the years, I’ve had thousands of guitars, of most makes and models, pass over my bench. Never fear - I can sort out your guitar woes!

I do repairs, setups, upgrades, wiring etc to acoustic, electric and bass guitars, as well as banjos and mandolins, to most makes and models.

Attention to detail is my specialty.  I offer a fast and reliable service. Most jobs will be completed within a week.  I work hard to give you the feel and the sound you want.

Each player has their own requirements. I can adjust your instrument to suit you and your playing style.

Here's a blast from the past - my first band - Route 66!

Captain Cook Hotel, Moore Park,  1978.