Maad About Pedals!

My Pedal Quest - in search of perfect tones!

Years ago when I played in bands, we could play LOUD! We used amps - one, two or more. Up to 100w of grunt. These days rockers have been tamed, we’re constantly having to turn down, but what does that do to our sound??

Over many years I experimented with all kinds of amps and have decided my fave are Fender. I’m a huge fan of the Fender clean sound. These days though, especially when I play in duo mode, I can’t play loudly enough to get the range of sounds I want from my amps. I like such a diverse variety of music that I need a diverse variety of sounds - at my fingertips (or should I say toe tips!).

So bring on the next chapter in my search for the perfect sound - pedal power!!!

I admit that I’ve become a bit obsessive about pedals - but I love it. Everyone needs a hobby. Experimenting with pedals keeps us old rockers young!

So I thought, as I experiment with different pedals, I’d write about some of the things that I learn. I don’t sell pedals or get any commission from their sales, so any opinions I express are purely personal. The only thing I do with pedals, in my business, is I assemble pedal boards for customers. (and then reassemble them when they want a change, and reassemble them when they want another change and .......)

I find that my pedal collection cycles along. I buy a new pedal and either love it or not. If I love it, it goes on my board, if I don’t love it, I use it for a while and then move it on. I’ve learnt so much about the different types of pedals since my pedal quest began a couple of years ago.

COMING SOON...................

Overdrive Pedals

Distortion Pedals

Fuzz Pedals